4 Fun Snack Ideas For Kids
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While party buffets offer a tasty selection of food, we wouldn’t be lying if we said that they can sometimes look rather dull. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as our four animal-themed party snacks demonstrate. Our super finger food is sure to be the star attraction at your kid’s next birthday party!

1. Banana Penguins

You’ll need (for 4 penguins):

– 2 bananas
– 10½ oz dark chocolate
– 12 orange M&M’s
– white chocolate

Here’s how:

1. First, cut the bananas in half. Next, dip the tip, front and lower part of the banana into the dark chocolate.

2. Place an M&M onto the banana to create the penguins beak. Then use two more for its feet.

3. To finish, use the white chocolate to create the eyes and add a couple of dark chocolate pupils.

* * *

2. Babybel Ladybugs

You’ll need (for 4 ladybugs):

– 4 Babybel cheese wheels
– black olives
– mayonnaise

Here’s how:

1. Open the cheese’s wax packaging, but don’t remove it. It just needs to be slightly spread apart.

2. Cut the olives into small pieces that can be used as the spots on the wax packaging.

3. Use the top half of the olive as the ladybug’s head and use two small dabs of mayonnaise as the eyes.

* * *

3. Fruit Peacock

You’ll need:

– 1 pear
– 1 carrot
– dark chocolate
– white chocolate

For the skewers:

– strawberries
– bananas
– black grapes
– white grapes
– raspberries

Here’s how:

1. On one side of the pear, cut vertically through the round part of the fruit (the “stomach”) and place the remaining larger part of the fruit on a plate.

2. Poke the different fruits through the skewers and insert into the pear, forming a semi-circle.

3. Cut two feet and a beak out of the carrot and place them on the peacock.

4. Give the bird a set of eyes using the white and dark chocolate.

* * *

4. Hot “Dogs”

You’ll need (for 3 hot dog buns):

– olives
– egg yolk
– mustard
– 3 small hot dog wieners

For the dough:

12½ oz flour
5 fl oz warm milk
1½ tsp dry yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1½ oz butter at room temperature
1 egg

Here’s how:

1. Knead together all of the ingredients for the dough and leave it to prove for one hour.

2. Split the dough into three thick, round pieces and make two cuts into each one.

3. Cut the olives to make the dog’s eyes and nose and press them into the dough.

4. Brush egg yolk onto the buns and bake them at 450°F in a convection oven for 12 minutes.

5. Cut a mouth into your hot dog buns. To finish, spread on some mustard and place a hot dog wiener inside.

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